30 day De-Clutter Challenge – Struggles: Jun 1 to 9

One of the many fall-outs of our modern life is too much stuff. Getting out of the habit of acquiring new stuff is the basis of balancing your budget.  Getting into a habit of getting rid of old stuff is the basis of balancing your life.

So, after about a week of trying it out, I am challenging myself to get rid of at least one thing a day for this month – sell, give or toss. If I can’t bring myself to do it, my penalty is that I must do whatever it is I was planning to do with the item in question – frame it, fix it, put it where it belongs.


June 1 – child’s label maker; a birthday present never used by my own child now 20; left behind when re-gifted to my niece – who comes up with this stuff?  Going to goodwill.  Hopefully there is some child somewhere out there whose head can get around making their own labels

June 2 – two vintage dining chairs earmarked for reupholstering; great bones but they made a home for some warm-blooded creatures  when left outside over the past two winters and I don’t think I will ever find the time for them so they will go on the boulevard over the weekend.  I’m sure there is some industrious person who can turn their talents to these.

June 3 – 9 I managed to put something on the give-away pile each day but did not manage to keep track of it here as I have planned – part of making a new and “good habit” is being able to look back and know that you have done it.  When it’s new to your life you might not be able to be sure you did that new something without noting it in some way.  I started putting a check mark on each day on a calendar but found I couldn’t really remember what I had given away – no satisfaction in that.  So on the 9th I decided I should write down what I had given away but could only recall:

June 5 – a black jacket that had always served me well – crossed the boundary between business and casual and went with everything – but suddenly – like hair that needs trimming – not flattering.   A difficult give-away but as Peter the declutter expert says “If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous you shouldn’t keep it.

June 8 – a small square basket, quite nice, that I thought would be a good repository for other clutter.  It never really served this purpose.  I find that baskets generally are NOT good for organization as you can’t see what’s in them and tend to forget about it, until you discover it, dusty and overturned at the bottom of the closet behind all your favorite stuff that never makes it into the basket.

June 1 thru 4 and 6, 7, and 9th could have included:

  • 2 Hard Rock Café keeper glasses, never used but my daughter seemed to feel bad about them going so I retrieved them
  • a metal garage door that my brother gave me but the contractor didn’t want to install it; my brother took it to my other brother
  • 5 – 5 gallon pails that I scavenged from a neighbor, previously full of used gravel which I poured into a muddy hole on the parking pad
  • some pants that I’ve been hoping to fit into again

There were other things, but you see my problem.  So, my chronicles continue in a more detailed fashion…



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