30 Day De-Clutter Challenge continues, June 10th to the 15th – so much harder than I thought it would be

June 10 – a monster bag of my daughter’s clothes – one of those plaid bags you get in Chinatown – and a box of many-coloured Converse sneakers.  When I set the challenge for myself, one of the rules was that it didn’t matter if it was one small item, or ten huge items, it still only counted as one per day.  I was delighted that my niece’s daughter said she would take everything.  In the past, she has always demurred, saying she didn’t really need anything, it wouldn’t fit, it wasn’t her style.  Now that she is 13 it is a different story.

Some of these clothes had been to Toronto and back where I thought I had found the ultimate consignment store, which gave me $30 in store credit the first time a I brought things in and a Big Fat $0 with a Big X in Black Marker on the bags the next time – not really a Kind Exchange at all.  Not able to find a suitable charitable recipient in Toronto (another blog), I hauled that stuff back and was going to try a large local consigner when my niece carted it all off the Regina.  My sadness was that it all only counted as one thing


June 11 – so I cheated a little and counted the clothes and shoes for both days.  I mean really, the box of shoes was a separate item.  I also cheated by counting two almost new t-shirts which I offered to my roommate, even though I had meant to do that quite awhile ago.  I don’t know – does cheating twice make it any better?

June 12 – a pretty wine bottle my sister-in-law gave me with a woman blowing bubbles on it.  It was called Lola and I tried using it to keep bath salts in but the humidity in the bathroom made the salts stick together.  Also I saw that I could get another bottle just like it full of wine any time I want.

June 13 – Gap shorts – a tough one as I had shortened them myself from pants, but what do you know, they still didn’t fit.  Huh, you’ld think hemming something up would make you slimmer.

June 14 – something that I had 4 of that looks like “cakes”, or maybe cables?  Cahiers would make sense but I don’t really speak French.

June 15 – office supplies, unspecific; maybe I did give away “cahiers”.


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