The 30 Day DeClutter Challenge – limping almost to the finish line

The OfficeDay 26 – Bonus.  My big brother came by and picked up some leftover blue metal siding which was harboring  several lifetime supplies of pine cones for the squirrels.  He very successfully repurposed it to side part of his own garage, painting it white.  The metal had already been repurposed once when I paid two millennials to strip it off a large shed that was being bulldozed down at a former residence so I could side and re-roof my own garage – waste not want not can be a good thing.

Day 27 – a Portables Dorothy Parker book purchased at the Thrift Store for 50 cents.  It was from a series of classic and sassy paperbacks from the 50’s – worth keeping for its vintage-ness, but…  I read all of it.  It alternated between heavy and/or acerbic short stories which were alternately enjoyable and – sorry Dorothy – mostly school-girlish poetry about men who break women’s hearts.  Poor woman – all that biting social commentary was compensation for being a love-worn romantic.  The whole thing TBH was tough slogging and not the literary romp I thought it would be.

love worn

Day 28 – my daughter’s father was picking her up and saw a small ceramic turtle in one of my plant pots.  He wanted to know where I got it from.  “Take it!”  I said.  “Really – take it!”  He hesitated.  I told him it came from the $2 dollar store in another city and if he had a use for it he should take it as it would help me meet my quota for the day.  He still seemed reluctant but took it, inspecting it for cracks as he went down the walk.  I hope he actually used it.

Day 29 and 30 my calendar is blank.  I’m sure I gave something away those days but I’d be making it up if I wrote them down.  I don’t know why I didn’t write it down but then I’m not much of a finisher.  If it had been February I could have called it.

The question is:  why was this exercise so difficult?  I have a house full of stuff that needs to be gotten rid of and I don’t want to end up renting a dumpster when the time comes.  If I died tomorrow, my family would have a horrible job getting rid of everything, even though you can get directly across most rooms – no newspaper mazes.  Even so, most items require too much attention before going in the giveaway bag.


I am a fan of the Peter Walsh approach, which generally means getting all the “like” items together and then eliminating most of them.  Seeing one t-shirt that doesn’t fit leads me down the garden path of cushion projects and cleaning cloths and losing weight and using the sleeves to put on sleeveless dresses (!)  Seeing 6 t-shirts that don’t fit makes me a bit nauseated and overcome with the need to banish them all from my sight.  It may be that the one-a-day approach doesn’t work for me personally.



For my next feat…


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