Hoarding Hurts Everyone

My dog has a tissue addiction.

Any time he gets up and makes a round in the house, he first checks the bathroom waste basket for tissue to eat.

I tried putting the basket up so he wouldn’t eat the tissue.  Obviously it’s not a great thing for a dog to eat.  But then he eats worse things – cloth napkins, socks, underwear, dish cloths, scarfs – anything soft that he can find below the doorknobs.  He is not destructive.  He is a senior rescue with a lot of anxiety and chewing on soft stuff seems to help him.

So I leave the bathroom wastebasket on the floor with a square or two of toilet paper in it to keep him from eating other things that will wreck his digestive system.  Toilet paper is designed to dissolve in liquid so it goes through pretty easily.

With the toilet paper shortage I have been rationing not only my own use but also the dog’s usual share.  By sheer luck I happened on a sale 2 days before the pandemic was declared and still have about 20 of a 30-roll pack left.  I’m hoping that all the hoarders will feel they have enough before I run out, that I will be able to go out and just buy toilet paper the way we used to.  In the meantime, I have to deal with the dog’s disappointed face every time he goes to the bathroom and finds no squares for him.

It has gotten so bad that the other evening he went into my handbag and found, among my giant wallet and papers and emergency makeup and medicinals travel bag, one of those small packets of tissue in it.  Somehow he managed to get all the tissue out of it without eating the plastic package it came from.

I’m only going to the bathroom every second time I think I need to, ignoring my nervous bladder.  I’m counting the squares I use every time I sit down, knowing that I will be washing my hands for 20 second after anyway.  I’m using my old pyjamas cut up instead of tissue paper to blow my very runny nose, because I couldn’t buy any of that last time either.  And my dog is depressed and anxious because his self-soothing tool of choice is not available to him.

Hoarders, please stop.  What you are doing is hurting everyone, including Toggie.

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