Home Has Everything



Yesterday’s news was all about money.

I guess politicians and government officials have to make it about money.  I’m not really crazy about how much money is going to corporations, based on an expectation that they will pass it on to their employees.  The money on offer to the unemployed and small business and for medical needs is a good thing.  If I were in charge I would just give every citizen a portion of the whole package and let them distribute it however they wanted.  I believe it would have at least the same effect, if not a better, more market driven one from the bottom up.  People would continue to buy things and pay to live somewhere.  Some might pay off debts, or save or invest it.  It would all end up back in the economy so why trust corporations and bureaucrats to decide how this money should be spent?

I saw a report on how COVID is hurting the retail industry, especially the fashion industry.  I feel for the workers, the bottom-of-the pile, minimum wage people who stand on their feet all day hoping that we will buy something that will be credited to them for the brownie points they need to keep their jobs. I don’t feel for the industry, which for too long has made us feel like what we are wearing isn’t good enough even though it’s not worn out; has made us feel like we need to be taller and thinner; has driven us to high-interest consumer debt; has abused mostly young women in a bizarre presentation of its product; has diverted cash from our paycheques to disposable items instead of property, investments, charity.

If good things come out of this, they may be that employers will realize that people don’t need to be chained to desks to do their jobs, that we can live with less stuff, that we can make the stuff we have last longer and go longer, that the landfills are for garbage, not for things we have become bored or tired of, or have become a little wilty or shabby, that we can connect with other humans in many ways other that getting in our cars and going somewhere to do that, that home – to quote Pete Holmes – has everything, the way it used to before we became a mobile, consumer-driven society.

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