The Budget WILL look after itself – even in crisis

Like others, what with not going out – which seems to always mean spending money – I am finding that my weekly budget is very healthy.  I am fortunate in that my income is continuing for now.

My budget has been so healthy that I have carried over a surplus for the past few weeks.

This is a concern to economic officials, and Trump, who despite being capitalists, don’t have faith in their own belief system.

I still buy groceries and essentials, like Take-out, so I’m still spending money.

As a non-capitalist, I have tried to make a habit of making a donation every week from my surplus, to people and organizations who are going broke.  Trump and his friends would probably think this is not good for the economy, but whoever gets my small donation will use it to do what?  Spend money.

I have tried to avoid online shopping and retail therapy as who knows how long this will last and whether my income will dry up.

But yesterday I ordered bedding online. I haven’t bought new bedding in too long to admit.  My bedding is shabby, worn, stained, and so old that sometimes it just rips.  So I decided to use some of my surplus to buy 3 sets of new bedding – one for each bed in the house.

You see Don?  That’s how money works.  It just goes around in a big circle.  If you really believed in capitalism, you would know that it will continue in whatever form it needs to.  The economy will adapt and investors will get tired of not investing.  You don’t have to force it by opening businesses again too soon.  It will look different from the traditional real estate mogul who spends too much money on stupid stuff that you know and love, but it will continue.

The thing is – even poor people spend money.  If you give it to them, it will return to the economy.  But you don’t really believe in capitalism.  You believe in feudalism, where the money is spent by a few people.  That is not actually good for any economy.


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