Word Press – hah – what is it good for?

Almost every working day, when I sit down at my computer, before I start “working”, I check in with WordPress.

I don’t know how to Tweet or what to do with Instantgram as my brother called it, but I like seeing what people are thinking on WordPress.  There are a few posts I really go for – the ones where writers take a chance and say hard things, things that you don’t get on televised news from journalists still trying to look professional if not unbiased.  I can be choosy about what I read and only read writers who I know are on the same part of the political spectrum that I am.  Facebook can be a nightmare that way, when you find out your first cousin posts a Confederate slogan on their feed, and they’re not even American.

Since my last post in July I have tried to write three different posts and felt two of them are so first-world whiny in light of the state of the world that they don’t need to be published, and the first is the one I am still struggling with on the subject of racism.

How do we keep going?  I go to write something on the morning that six people were shot in Toronto and I can’t find the words.  Kenosha press briefings made my eyes water like I was breathing in ammonia.  I watched as several men in masks struggled to find non-inflamatory language – “the best words” – to keep blame off law enforcement for both the shooting of Jacob Blake and the militia lovefest that followed.  I watched a couple of days later when John Oliver featured the head of the Sheriff’s Department, one of the masked men, ranting at an earlier  news conference about crime in Kenosha, saying “these people … should be locked up … so they can’t have children,” a public assertion that hasn’t been made since the early 1900’s when men in wigs argued about Darwinism.  And I can’t find the words.

I started this blog so I could share my ironic advice on all things human and animal but find that my relatively many years of living and working have not prepared me for the world we are living in. While I continue to struggle to find my voice in this stranglehold of pandemic and facism and violence that characterizes our daily life now, there are places where others have not their voice.

So I find moments on WordPress that help, sometimes where I don’t expect it.  beautyfile.co.uk posted a thoughtful piece about social media influencers being paid by the government to promote fundraising for healthcare, a well-written piece that brought my attention to a relevant issue that is not part of the usual news stream.  It also reminded me that while there are people out there who feel justified in randomly killing people, there are also people out there who are still shocked and outraged by bad moral behavoir.

Obviously, like any social media platform, my feed is curated to what I like to see: I bumbled into a post about something that some people call “pseudo feminism” that had me wanting to run back to a time when discovering this kind of thinking would have been a bad date and not a frightening Hand Maid’s essay that has forever burned the thoughts of someone I will never meet into my brain.  But for someone who is not particularly social media oriented. I am glad to have found people “out there” that have something to say that I haven’t thought of yet.  Hopefully I can find the inspiration and courage to put out again the things I do think of.

7 thoughts on “Word Press – hah – what is it good for?

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This (*gestures broadly*) is all so overwhelming, and it’s difficult to write about current events when the world is literally and figuratively on fire. It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed and disheartened by all the terrible things that have happened in the past few weeks.

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  2. I think WordPress is a good place to process the world’s events in a more thoughtful way. Twitter is like digital cocaine–feels good for a while and then you end up hating yourself and resolving to never do it again. Facebook not a whole lot better. I find the act of writing on WP therapeutic and if it’s a place where you can try, via the act of writing, to connect with people and feel a little better about the world, that is a good thing!

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  3. “While I continue to struggle to find my voice in this stranglehold of pandemic and facism and violence that characterizes our daily life now, there are places where others have not their voice.”

    That just sums up so much of what I’m feeling right now.

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