Republicans Own This Insurrection — Profesorbaker’s Worldwide Bilingual Blog

Republicans Own This Insurrection: Trump-Incited Mob Storms Capitol Responsibility for the storming of the Capitol extends well beyond Trump. Source: The Atlantic by Peter Wehner Contributing writer at The Atlantic and senior fellow at EPPC OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP / Getty The scene that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol yesterday—an insurrection in all of its […]

Republicans Own This Insurrection — Profesorbaker’s Worldwide Bilingual Blog

Had the party controlled their president from the beginning, as was expected, this would not be happening. But it seems like they really liked what Trump was saying and doing all along. The prominent support of a leader with clear fascist intentions could only result in violence – though unexpectedly from their own side. The last opportunity to stop this was for McConnell to accept the election results early, but he did not. Instead he supported Trump’s irrational efforts to prove the alternative fact of his re-election. It is that phrase – alternative fact – that has lead a great many people to believe that just because someone says something is true means it is a fact. Trump’s public statement of love for these people is beyond words.

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